Thursday, September 11, 2008

Psychotown Reviews #2

St Louis Post-Dispatch - Nearest to Judge's heart seems to be three episodes of "Psychotown," an Australian version of the vile Terrance and Phillip on "South Park" who themselves are a version of "Beavis and Butt-Head.

Dallas Morning News - The shorts range from the innocuous but strange to the foulmouthed but hilarious offerings of Australian Dave Carter. Mr. Carter is the creator of the three short episodes of "Psychotown," which feature South Park-like crude figures who always have something shocking to contribute.

Detroit Metro Times - Despite a trio of predictable Claymation crotch-biting gags and the amusing but obviously destined-for-TV Psychotown, this year's Animation Show once again does a terrific job of introducing audiences to a wide palette of styles and storytelling.

Denver Film Society - Australian animator Dave Carter debuts three new commissioned shorts with the hilarious “Psychotown”. Dave continues his collaboration with the comedy team ‘The Nice Guys’ here for a blend of cut out and stop-motion animation.

Film Journal International - Among the standouts are Dave Carter’s “Psychotown” sketches, which one-up “South Park” with characters who use mind and word games in deadly battles of wits.

* Film Still appeared in New York Daily News

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