Thursday, September 11, 2008

Psychotown Reviews #3

New York Sun - Dave Carter's "Psychotown," features two paper cutouts, both speaking with Australian accents, as they banter in a rapid-fire back-and-forth that is childish, vulgar, and hilarious.

Time Out New York 
- The fourth collection of animated shorts compiled by the indispensable Mike Judge is typically funny and violent—usually both at once. Some recurring bits, notably Dave Carter’s punchy “Psychotown” vignettes.

People - The Animation Show, short toons are often created with large production teams, and they run the gamut of animation styles, from the talking-cardboard feel of Dave Carter's "Psychotown" to the complex live-action animation from "Raymond."

New York Daily News - Dave Carter who directed a series of manic, hilarious episodes called "Psychotown," will be around for a Q&A after tonight's 8:20 screening.

* Wall Street Journal - Film Still in Datebook

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