Thursday, September 11, 2008

Psychotown Reviews #1

Mike Judge's Animation Show 4  

Seattle Times - Commissioned from Australian animator Dave Carter, three one-minute "Psychotown" shorts are equally childish but irresistibly hilarious, using simple cutout figures in a staccato barrage of nonsensical dialogue and wanton absurdity.

San Francisco Chronicle - The Animation Show commissioned works for the first time. Their choices include a creative stop-motion piece ("Western Spaghetti"); "Psychotown," by talented Australian artist Dave Carter; and the funniest movie you'll ever see about pallbearers, "This Way Up," by the animation team Smith and Foulkes.

Los Angeles Times - It's worth noting that a number of the most vivid standouts -- including "This Way Up" by the team Smith & Foulkes, "Western Spaghetti" by PES and "Psychotown" by Dave Carter -- were commissioned specially for this collection.

San Fransico Weekly - Dave Carter, the congenitally irreverent Aussie creator of Psychotown, appear at the screenings July 5, ready to attest to Mike Judge’s taste in burgundy and Brioni.

The Daily News of LA - There really is something for everyone here, be it dry English humor (Matthew Walker's wry short about dialing up God with a pressing question) or Aussie Dave Carter's in-your-face `Psychotown'.

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